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FREE Workshops run from 6:30-8:00pm


 New Leaf Workshops Presents: Healing From Depression- January 31, 2017


Three Expert Perspectives on:


  • Naturopathic remedies for depression

  • Learning to acknowledge and replace "hot thoughts"

  • Learning to validate, accept and release emotions


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New Leaf Workshops Presents: New Approaches to Chronic Pain- November 29, 2016


Three Expert Perspectives on:  


  • The Power of Daily Mindfulness & Acceptance for Releasing Pain (with in-Class Meditation)

  • How to take Control Back from Pain

  •  Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine for Pain Management


New Leaf Workshops Presents: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety- October 25, 2016


Three Expert Perspectives on:


-          Strategies for Reducing Anxiety and Improving Awareness

-          Retraining your Brain to Release Fears and Phobias

-          Underlying Causes and Natural Treatments for Anxiety


New Leaf Workshops Presents: Breaking the Stress Cycle- September 27, 2016


Three Expert Perspectives on:


-          Understanding the Stress Cycle and How it Affects your Health

-          Easy to Implement Mindfulness Techniques

-          Ways to Improve your Life through your Activities

-          How Nutrition and Supplements can Reduce Stress.



For more information contact Effie at:

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