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Free Relaxing Yin and Meditation Classes 

We hope that you are keeping well and safe during the constraints of this Covid time.

When there is uncertainty, misinformation, and fear, the mind can go squirrelly with worst case scenarios and stress, which in turn affects mental, emotional, and physical health, as well as relationships. And during this time, finances can be impacted too. Which is why I've been offering free Yin and meditations, live streaming on                  and saved on                         for your convenient viewing pleasure.  


The classes and information are there for your guidance and leisure to help relieve some stress, with the intention of offering an uplifting perspective and experience. 

And of course, you can contact me for individual virtual counselling sessions if you need more personalized support right now. Wishing you good health ~ Effie

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training : Fall 2020 10am-5pm, Barrie

Do you have an interest in Reiki and want to learn more?

Whether it is your desire to heal yourself or others, pets, plants, and crystals, becoming a Reiki Practitioner is truly an uplifting experience. The gift of being a Reiki facilitator keeps on giving throughout a lifetime!


Enjoy increased intuition and awareness, the ability to cleanse toxins and your chakras, heal distressing emotions, and accelerate healing from sickness and injury!

4-Part Series starting Fall 2020, 7-8 pm

Studio W.I.S.E., 4 Alliance Blvd., Unit 7 - $60


What to expect:

Yin Yoga is a nourishing practice that complements a busy yang lifestyle, nurturing calmness and balance for the mind, body, and spirit.  It is based on the energetic meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acts to relieve tension like acupressure. Yin involves long held poses on the mat.  Props support your body so that your muscles release tension and you can delve deep into the connective tissues of the body and increase your range of motion.  Awareness is explored, compassion is cultivated, and deep healing is liberated.

Class concludes with a specific meditation designed to enhance well-being! 

Blocks available for purchase,

only $10!


* DID YOU KNOWRegistered social work services are covered by most extended health benefits? *

Soul Body Healer is rooted in my life's mission to help you with your mental, emotional, and physical wellness using holistic psychotherapy, Reiki, and yoga.  Learn more about


My clinical experience has shown that treating the whole person (mind, body, and spirit), with customized modalities is the most effective way to come to wellness.  Learn about


Challenges can manifest in many different ways ~ stress, low mood, relationship conflict, or physical pain ~ we'll work together to  uncover the root cause and release distressing patterns.  You'll gain tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle, better cope with health challenges, and uplift your well-being.


Some of the conditions I have treated include: anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, chronic pain, life transitions and more!  Read more about                           treated by holistic therapy.



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