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Holistic & Wellness Therapy

Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing for a Balanced, Peaceful & Joyful Life.



Life is challenging, and you may feel overwhelmed, stressed and stuck in unhealthy patterns that limit your self-image, relationships, quality of life and happiness. You may feel depressed or dissatisfied with life, anxious and limiting what you do and where you go, or you may have unhealthy habits (even addiction) limiting your well-being and success in life.

Our supportive, integrated approach to mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual healing will help you develop skills for lasting change.

Gain clarity and balance, develop a meaningful relationship with yourself and others, and get empowered to thrive.

Holistic Individual and Group Therapy

Psychotherapy/Counselling: Active talk-based skills and practice, healing techniques and spiritual coaching to help you with mental and emotional issues. 

Hypnosis: Guided, meditative-like techniques to help you tap into your subconscious and unblock limitations. 

Mindfulness: Awareness and meditation guidance to help you manage and see life through a healthy lens.


Reiki: Energy treatment to help you heal mental, emotional and physical issues. 

Yoga: Movement, meditation and breathing techniques to help you overcome mind, body and energetic imbalances. 

Psychotherapy/Social Work services are covered by most benefit plans.

Why Work with Effie?

Get Unstuck!

I’ve counselled people for over 14 years who have lost their way and want to regain their well-being, self-worth and joy.

As a Registered Social Worker trained in Psychology/Biology, Certified Hypnotherapist (Hypnotherapy), Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and published co-author of three self-help books, I treat the whole you.


With compassion, I listen to your challenges, and together we uncover the root causes of your suffering and create a unique program to help you heal and thrive.


Let me help you reach your wellness goal.

Reiki Training Level 1 and 2

Do you have an interest in Reiki and want to learn more?

Whether it is your desire to heal yourself or others, pets, plants, and crystals, becoming a Reiki Practitioner is truly an uplifting experience. The gift of being a Reiki facilitator keeps on giving throughout a lifetime!


Enjoy increased intuition and awareness, the ability to cleanse toxins and your chakras, heal distressing emotions, and accelerate healing from sickness and injury!

Reiki Treatment
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