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Welcome to the Amazing World of Hypnosis!

Did you know...

... 95% of who we are by the time we are 35 are a collection of unconsious thoughts, emotions, and behaviours?  They are a record of your past experiences that operate you uconciously. Only 5% of our day is done with conscious awareness!  (Dr. Joe Dispenza)


Change is difficult because we have these unconcious programs running that hinder our success.


Hypnosis allows you to go into the operating system of the mind so you can shift the unconscious program.


For example, perhaps you have a fear of flying. Hypnosis allows you to go into the mind and change that fear. Then flying is no longer a big deal. This works for almost everything. Imagine, you can shift your programming to be that confident, happy, person that regularly goes to the gym!


Change is possible and becomes much easier with hypnosis! Join our Self-Hypnosis workshop!

Common Myths


#1 Loss of consciousness

You are actually alert and aware of everything

going on. Think about being capitavated by a

movie (you are in hypnosis here), if the fire

alarm were to go off you would hear it and



#2 Loss of control

This myth is perpetuated in the entertainment

business. A stage hypnotist, for example, picks a person in the audience and suggests they cluck like a chicken. Everybody thinks that the hypnotist made them cluck. However, all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis because the participant has a choice to focus on the hypnotists suggestions.  There is desire from the participant to follow the suggestions. Therefore they are always in control.


#3 Only "weak-minded" people can be hypnotized

Research shows that the greater the intelligence, the greater the hypnotic subject.


#4 You will tell all your secrets

This won't happen because you are in full control.


#5 Fear of getting "stuck" in hypnosis

Because the participant holds the control there is no problem coming out. Sometimes the person doesn't come out because 1) they fell asleep or 2) it is so pleasurable that they don't want to yet! But don't worry, when you are ready to come out you will naturally come out.


Please let me know of any other myths I can debunk for you!

What is hypnosis?



Hypnosis has an element  of therapy and an element of meditation, thus all the benefits of both apply. Hypnosis separates the conscious, critical mind from the sub- and unconscious mind in order for positive suggestion (what you want) to be more powerful for you. It helps the change process become easier.





A mind in hypnosis is a mind in a meditative state-somewhere in between waking and sleep. It's in between the conscious thinking (Beta waves) and deep unconscious sleep (Delta waves). We drift in and out of these brain states throughout the day naturally.


For example, have you ever been captivated by a movie and when it's finished it seemed like very little time had gone by but it was actually 2 hours later? Time distortion is an element of hypnosis. Or have you been driving and not realized how you got to your final destination? You may have already heard of highway hypnosis. You can't remember your journey because you were concentrating on something else in your mind, but your senses were aware and you reacted accordingly as to not get you into an accident.


These brain states are very restorative in nature and allow for change (what ever you need help with) to happen quicker and easier. Children's brains are functioning in these brain states and that's why they learn so quickly. Children are sponges because of Theta waves and in hypnosis you can be a sponge for what you want too!



How We Can Use Hypnosis To Create The Change You Want

Motivational Work

Goal setting and achievement

  • improve speaking skills, sports ability, reflexes, playing a musical instrument, organizational abilities, decisiveness, focus and concentration, memory, ability to earn and hold money

Self-esteem and Confidence

  • building self-esteem, overcoming shyness, improving self-confidence, helping to remove public speaking fear



Habit Change

  • improve sleep patterns, eating habits, study habits, help stop overeating, quit smoking, reduce or eliminate teeth grinding, weight loss




Stress Reduction

  • increase relaxion and visualization skills, reduce stress, tension, fears, remove phobias

Therapeutic Work

Emotional release

  • determining the cause of emotional difficulties

  • reduce symptoms of OCD, grief, depression, guild, anger, cope with trauma, healing at the root cause

  • improve interpersonal relationships

  • Improve chronic pain



Assistance with Addictions

  • helping to eliminate smoking, drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions

Spiritual Purposes


  • past life regression, future life regression, meeting with your spirit guide/higher self, meeting with the departed, the unborn, improving psychic abilities, finding your soul purpose, attracting a soul mate



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