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Your health, energy, and vitality are linked to your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour.  Stress affects how you feel, think, behave, and how your body works.  You may feel anxious, sad, or irritable, have racing thoughts or constantly worry, have headaches, body aches or chronic fatigue. I treat you as a whole person (body, mind, and spirit), utilizing customized modalities so deep emotions are released in a compassionate environment and healthy thought and behaviour patterns are established.  Because many conditions stem from a mental-emotional-energetic cause, I offer access to a variety of healing modalities. I help you uncover the root cause of your dis-ease and release distressing patterns so that you can live a happy, peaceful, and meaningful life.


My Qualifications:


     Honours Bachelor of Science, Double Major Psychology and Biology

      Masters of Social Work, Specialization in Mental Health


     Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp)

     Spiritual Coach and Healer

     Yoga Teacher 500 Hours

     Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

     Reiki Master



     Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

     Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

     Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

     Spirituality in Psychotherapy

     Neuroscience in Social Work

     Working with Survivors of Trauma


My Vision:


My Vision is the uplifting of humanity … for people to feel whole and well, and free to express themselves fully, so that every interaction is loving and compassionate, supporting a peaceful world.

I look forward to getting to know you and I think it’s important for you to learn a little about me too.

My commitment to helping others stems from my own healing journey, seeking wellness and authenticity, and I have come to realize that healing needs to occur on all levels ~ mind, body and soul.

Despite the turmoil in my early life, there was something inside me that kept telling me there is more to life than my own experience … something that keeps pushing on in the midst of hardship.


Many times I could have given up, but this hope and persistence inside me kept me seeking knowledge, experiences and spirituality in order to increase my well-being and quality of life.


Now, as a therapist, I have fulfilled my goal to help others navigate through their hardships.


How my journey can help you:


Psychotherapy helps to uncover and release negative beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours and replaces them with healthy ones.


Mindfulness strengthens your brain, improves decision-making and problem-solving, and helps you manage your emotional states. It instils a sense of peace and awareness of your connection to Source.


Hypnosis accesses the ‘operating system’ of the mind and shifts the unconscious program so that change happens more quickly and easily.


Reiki removes energy blockages, brings balance to the body’s energy and systems, and improves


Yoga releases unresolved emotions, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system,

expands lung capacity, and purifies the blood. It also brings conscious awareness of the connection between body, mind and soul.


It has been fascinating for me to discover that each new area of training has enhanced my psychotherapy practice.  There is so much depth to what energetic modalities can do for us because they work on the fundamental building blocks of life ~ the benefits are endless!


Today, I combine Western psychotherapeutic interventions with hypnosis, yoga and energy work to create a holistic healing practice.


I believe that everyone has special gifts and talents to share, and I am excited to bring these healing practices to you so that you can learn how to heal yourself and flourish!


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