Come back into alignment with your best self! Live a healthy and balanced life!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao-Tzu

Your health, energy, and vitality are linked to your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour.  It is my passion to work with you to heal yourself, as I have worked hard to heal myself.  I believe that each and every individual has special gifts and has the strength to heal themselves.


Life is all about cycles. The universe, galaxy, solar system, earth, nature, and your body. Dis-ease comes when your cycles are not in harmony. We work to put you back into harmony.
I have encountered and trained in, many beneficial healing modalities in order to offer them to you. It's my pleasure to assist you on your journey and to help you navigate through your concerns.

My calm, compassionate and strengths-based approach creates a safe environment for individuals to express their deeper emotions and is supportive to learning healthy thoughts and behaviour patterns. I support my clients to come to a place of increased understanding and become equipped with tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle and better cope with their health challenges.

"Like a leak in a pipe, we uncover the energy drainage in your being, patch it, then fill it with healthy lifestyle choices for the mind, body and soul.  The result is that you fill yourself with energy and vitality!" - Effie


We start where you are, and work within multiple healing modalities:

                               How can I help you be the person you want to be?



To uncover, release, and instil healthy thought and behaviour patterns by using:


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy                       Narrative Therapy Therapy

Harm Reduction                                                Solution-focused Therapy 

Life Coaching                                                     Structured Relapse

Mindfulness-Based Therapy                        


Combining elements  of therapy and meditation, hypnosis offers the benefits of both. A mind in hypnosis is a mind in a meditative state-somewhere in between waking and sleep. These brain states are very restorative in nature and allow for change to happen more quickly and easily.



What you resist, persists. Mindfulness brings great awareness, facilitates the change process, and helps manifest good feelings. This practice strengthens the brain, improves decision-making and problem-solving, and helps you manage your emotional states. It instils a sense peace, and connection to your greater Source (awareness of the big picture).


Become a member of our Mindfulness for Peaceful Living group!


Reiki is a form of energy healing that creates balance within the physical and energetic body and your mind, and works to enhance your life force. 


Because we are essentially energy, Reiki makes it much easier to access any dis-ease by cleansing the energy centres, allowing healing to take place on multidimensional levels: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.

Stress generates neurological and physiological effects on the brain and body. When left unresolved it can cause physical and mental distress. NET identifies the specific mind-body connection that is causing the distress and removes this neurological imbalance. Like Reiki, NET produces improvement in many physical, mental, and behavioural conditions.



 Yoga is used to release unresolved emotions, mobilize energy, rehabilitate, and strengthen the mind, body, and soul connection. Multiple techniques are used including static and dynamic poses, as well as scientifically designed Kundalini breathing and meditation.


Even beginners gain the benefits of yoga and often make it a life-long practice.


* DID YOU KNOW…Registered social work services are covered by most extended health benefits? *


Fees are tax deductible as a medical expense. They may also be tax deductible as a business expense, or as an employee benefit by your company.


Payment plans are available.

Scroll over the photo to see WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about Yoga with Effie

Effie, I knew when I met you at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce you would be a good resource to refer some of my clients to. It is so wonderful to meet someone so young on her authentic journey. Your website says it all, uplifting/ inspirational/ and sooo genuine. The world is ready for you. You are going to change the world girl. Go for it. Let me know how I can help you. Hugs, Jessy

Effie is unlike any yoga instructor I've had before, she is the reason I now look forward to my weekly restorative yoga session. She encourages our class to accept ourselves as we are today. Her melodic voice and calming nature help to unwind my mind and reduce tension in my body. I feel relaxed and recharged at the end of her class. ~Dawn.

Effie is kind, compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. In Effieʼs hands you feel secure and listened to. She definitely lives what she teaches. No matter what issue I have from stress to stiffness, she is able to help. ~ Sharon

Hey Effie, Thank you very much for the private yoga lesson. It was challenging yet peaceful and I felt very welcomed by your friendly personality. It is greatly appreciated. Take care and happy holidays. –Kei.

Effie has a very gentle voice and manner. Her restorative classes are soothing. I have always found her to be receptive to feedback and open to suggestion. Enjoy! -Sloane

"The first thing I noticed was how calming and soothing her voice was...really emphasized the importance of breathing... I felt very relaxed with a more positive attitude towards the rest of my day." -Cecilia

Mountain Lake

"I looked to Effie and her yoga instruction as a way to improve my flexibility, and mental focus. I enjoyed her calming personality and ability to guide me... reminding me to be gentle and forgiving with my body. By the end I felt energized and centered and I highly recommend her. Thank you Effie!" -Anthony

"..I step foot into Effie's Yin Yang yoga.. After the class, I felt my hips are stretched. So I said to myself "ok! feels good, let's come back again". After going to Effie's class every week for 3 months, I noticed my hips are a lot more opened and flexible. When I strike a pose in the other Hatha classes, it's a lot easier. Thanks Effie! Now I am one of your regular students every week. ~ J.W.


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