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I am delighted to share with you a recent passion of mine: co-authoring self-help books. Here you will find works that inspire joy and ease for the mind, body, and soul.


Great for inspiring wellness for yourself. Makes a great gift!

Contact Effie for an autographed copy, intuited message and 20% off! 

Beautiful full color, 7x10. 

On Her Plate​ introduces us to a conscious way of thinking about the human and earth connection; What properties can be found in nature and how closely does the human body interact with them? What are we doing that counteracts the natural balance of our body and planet? We explain what vitamin and mineral deficiencies look and feel like; What makes up the human body and how do we properly replenish? Learn from many perspectives, our authors are retired nurses, nutritionists, biology majors, personal trainers, and every day women.

We explore exercise regimens, common obstacles women face, and female hormonal issues and cancers. We dive into how our mindset, busyness, and confidence–or lack thereof, is steering our eating habits.

At times, a woman has too much on her plate with responsibilities around: education, work, family, friends, home, health, and chasing her dreams while being a constant support to others. Our society has too much on its plate with disagreeances, fluctuating economy, and a growing population. Our earth has so much on her plate, including pollution, man made chemicals, rising temperature, compromised land, and droughts as a result of human actions. The stressors we face within our internal and external environment can lead to stress eating: too much of the wrong food on our plate which can influence disease. Our society over consumes and gravitates towards quick fixes and unnatural foods. It is hard to stay on top of health when battling stress, but we don’t realize the sheer impact our lifestyle has on our mortality, and our world. We are pumping unnatural behavior into ourselves and our planet. We seem to forget we can’t live without earth. Our world is then compromised and struggles to grow enough nutrient dense food because of high demand as well as human alterations to crops. Nothing wins.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This book shares ​real​ health experiences from women, paired with yummy, nutrient dense recipes that are familiar such as soups, pasta, and chocolate chip muffins, but wait! In an effort to reduce added hormones in the diet, no dairy, eggs, or animal byproducts were used, and gluten-free options are provided. We offer solutions to fill your plate with color, vitamins, and minerals, ​variety being key​, without drastic changes to the everyday lifestyle, while keeping meals delicious and filling!


Was $31.95, Now $25.50

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Was $24.95, Now $19.95

Her Art Of Surrender is a collection of stories. Stories written from women all over the world with a variety of different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Many of us have never even met in person yet we were all drawn together by a single word. Surrender.


Not to be taken lightly, this book is not about giving up, waving a white flag on our lives, and handing our power over. Quite the contrary.

This book is about the power of surrender. When we let go, what are we left with?


Beneath the surface of each of these women’s lives runs a current of electricity, vibration, and spirit. This reservoir is available every time we create space in our life for our calling, for our voice, for our art, for our health, for the sovereignty of our life. The space comes from the act of surrendering that which no longer serves us, that which we cannot control, and that which demeans or keeps us small in any area of our life.


As you read these stories, allow yourself to feel them. Allow yourself to see your own life in their words.

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Was $29.95, Now $23.95


"It was wonderful to read a published collection of female voices. This book contained powerful and personal stories of over a dozen women, reminding us that we truly are responsible for shaping our realities. Whatever your current relationship is with time, this offers refreshing and insightful perspective on the construct, and how to start from wherever you are to begin subtle shifts. Regardless of whether you're seeking a change, there is much wisdom to be found in this book - a guiding light and reminder that we can all be teachers to one another, and that our darkest struggles are often a catalyst for dramatic change and emerging wisdom. One thoughtful takeaway: "Define your own construct of time that is as unique as you." - Amazon reader

"Though it's absolutely true that it takes an effort to change our situation, you will find the help in this book to move through it all with grace, fearlessness, and determination 💜
Love how the stories of 19 strangers are weaved together to create a plan to master time and take action.
The writing prompts & workspace to journal at the end of each chapter makes this book a masterpiece to get our lives in order with specific steps.
These women share their true, honest stories showing us that it is possible to live differently, on our own terms and at our own pace — be it faster or slower than others." - K. Mieses

Dear Time, Are You On My Side?

  • hardcover

  • workbook component with collaborative input from 19 coauthors

  • true, honest stories from women 

Dear Time, Are You On My Side? hybrids between social reality and spiritual reality. Why are we here? Do we have any control over what we experience? Are we the main character in OUR life? Why are we letting agism affect us, why do we take part in it? We are conditioned to set expectations about age and time, which blurs our self-worth. Utilize our Timeless Practice workbook inside to break social constraints, decide your own outcome, and take back your life!

Is it possible to live differently, on our own terms and at our own pace — be it faster or slower than others?
Who made up these rules, anyway?

We abide by time so rigidly when, in fact, it is fluid. Time is a feeling, an expression, an experience that equates to our existence.

This book features women from all walks of life, each with their own successes, trials, and shared experiences: entrepreneurs, ex-corporate hustlers, mothers, professionals, authors. What they share is a collective consciousness of time, and the meaning it holds for each of them. The majority of the population spends their time in the hustle, bustle, and demands of society. For each of our authors, though, various life experiences made them look at their time here on earth more critically and provoked the start of their purposeful journey: Why is this happening to me? What is my purpose? What is the point of all this? What am I searching for? When can I finally control my own time? What would it feel like to be my own boss? If only I could stop time, then I would ____. What would it feel like to finally live life on my terms? Would my perception of time be different then? Would I then be happy? What is happy? Who am I?

Dear Time, Are You On My Side? takes a powerful look at the spiritual and societal meanings of time and begs the question, “Are we meant for more?”

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