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Healthy Sound- Peruvian Whistling Vessels

Archeologists have been finding these clay pots at burial sites and sacred places in the Andes for centuries, thinking that they were only 'amusing liquid containers'. Some of the oldest vessels have been dated from 500-300BC. The ones pictured here were specially made for Dale, at WindSpirit in Orillia. They were made with clay that was blessed and incorporated her own positive intention and blessings. She graciously shared them with us so we could experience their healing power. But the magic happens when they are all whistling together. So we all took turns blowing into the vessels.

Sound has been long associated with shifting consciousness and also bridging a connection to other realms. In many traditions, the breath is considered as life force energy. Using my life force energy, I took a big breath, and started to blow, long, steady and rhythmically into the spout. Interestingly, the sound comes out through a hole that is at the level of your 6th Chakra (Third Eye), the seat of intuition and higher vision. The sound vibrates the eardrums, sends nerve impulses to the brain, which the brain decodes, energy shifts, consciousness shifts, and one has an experience! For me, I could feel an immediate calming effect, as happens when one centers in on the breath. But it was much more than becoming calm. I could hear different waves and pitches, the sounds felt like they were coming from inside my head. Only in my right ear did I hear sounds that seemed like something was trying to communicate with me. I focused on my breath and my own positive intention, when an immense clarity was brought to my attention. It was so powerful that a tear came to my eye. I felt this authentic vision of myself, about my purpose. Thank you Dale for sharing your sacred vessels and thank you to the vessels for this incredible experience!

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