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Yoga as Medicine - video included!

I'd like to reveal why I became a yoga teacher. My love of yoga began in 1999 - although practice hasn't always been consistent. With regular practice I started to feel calmer and better about myself. Eight years ago I hurt my low back and after suffering with this pain for three years, yoga allowed me heal this area. It has even relieved my seasonal allergies! I know that when I've left my practice for a while (usually because of self-imposed busyness), some aches and pains come back and my reactions become "shorter". My body is telling me to give myself more attention, so I do my best to put more yoga back into my schedule.

I was fascinated by not only the healing power of yoga but also the spiritual and meditative side, which allowed me to connect to my higher power within. So in 2010, I became a teacher to heal myself. However, it was evident that I had to share the teachings with others. Since then, I have trained in multiple styles of yoga and taught thousands of people of varying ages and abilities. I feel it has created a greater patience, compassion, and grace within me. It has also well informed my psychotherapy practice!

Check out a clip of an interview I did where I speak about yoga and Reiki.

Did you know that yoga is not "just" exercise? Yes, it strengthens your muscles and makes you more flexible but each yoga pose brings increased health and vitality to specific tissues and organs and has mental and hormonal benefits too. For instance, child's pose brings health to the digestive system, refreshes the mind, calms anxiety and helps one feel safe. Since it calms the nervous system, it's a great pose to do before bed.

If you'd like to experience a gentle yoga flow to increase vitality to the entire body, please join me now!

Gentle Yoga Sequence to bring more vitality to the entire body:

Opening Meditation, Sun Breaths, Forward Fold, Cobbler, Reverse Table Top, Straddle, Windshield Wiper, Cat Cow, Downward Dog, Lunge, Camel, Child's Pose, Bridge, Banana, Floor Twist, Shavasana (Relaxation)

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