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The Miracle of Mindfulness

Are you easily distracted?

Have you ever taken the first bite of a candy bar and before you know it you are left with an empty wrapper? How about been driving somewhere and arrived at the destination without remembering how you got there? This is a common pattern in our busy lives where our brains go mindlessly on autopilot.

In autopilot, we are unable to notice the good things in life, we miss important information our bodies are telling us, and we are susceptible to poisoning ourselves with toxic thoughts. The problem is that when we are on autopilot we are reacting from a part of the mind that is coloured by our past experiences and we may not be conciously in control of our actions. Thus, we are at risk of re-creating the past over and over again. Mindfulness is here to help! Stop and smell the roses!

What is mindfulness?

It is being aware of your experience in the world: thinking, emotions, behaviour.

Observing your experience, with a neutral mind, without judgement.

You experience that you are the consciousness observing the program. When you are aware, you can make changes to better serve your well-being.

When you are aware, you can begin to know yourself better. You notice your reactions. You begin to understand where your automatic reactions are coming from: the healthy ones that are aligned with your values, and unhealthy ones that take you away from your best self.

When you are aware of your automatic thoughts, emotions, and behaviours you can create a buffer between the reactions and then choose how to respond. Awareness brings you empowerment and the flexibility of choice; so when you respond you can do so in accordance with your values and higher self.

The more you respond in accordance with what serves you, the more you live a happier and fulfilling life!

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