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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Meditation (or mindfulness) is a very useful tool that enhances our well-being and quality of life.

But what is meditation? It is about making a choice to focus your mind on something.

  • Listening to music is a meditation

  • Reading a book is a meditation

  • Thinking about the pile of work waiting for you at the office or

  • About the argument you had with your spouse is a kind of meditaiton.

However, it's what you choose to put your mind on that makes the difference. If you are constantly thinking about that argument you had you can become upset, cortisol levels can rise, you may even get physically sick. If you follow along to your favourite music, you may liberate good feelings and a sense of ease.

What you focus on (pleasant or unpleasant) shapes your brain and transforms your mind and life. Your internal and external reality constantly fluctuates. Within every second you are creating your reality by the content of your thoughts and how you respond to your environment. So what are you focussing on? And, how does that serve your well-being?

Awareness, Change, Liberation!

Who you are today is a record of your past experiences (they are conditioned, automatic reactions). This conditioning influences your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Most people try to analyze their problems while they are living in these automatic reactions (e.g. try to figure out how to not be sad when they are overwhelmed by sadness). However, the solutions are beyond the conditioned reactions. You must step outside this autopilot to find the answer. Mindfulness/meditation moves you beyond this autopilot so you are not affected by the external environment and past experiences and conditioned reactions. With practice, the brain becomes organized and works more harmoniously so that you can see things with a neutral mind, as they really are, without being coloured by the past. We observe our thoughts, pay attention to our behaviour, notice how we feel, so we can become aware of our unconsious mind. You can go inside the mind/body and modify your operating system of your subconsious programs. Mindfulness allows for conscious choice and change. You can shape your brain and control your thoughts to create the life you want.

So how do you become free from your past conditioning?

Pay attention, separate, and accept your feelings, images, and mental/verbal dialogue of the moment without reacting to them. Take a neutral and non-judgmental stance on the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours you experience. Practice mindfulness!

Why practice mindfulness or meditation?

  • For better health

  • To sharpen your mind, make better decisions

  • Feel calm, feel good

  • To be more aware of your body and mind

  • To balance your emotions

  • To heal psychological challenges

  • To explore the mysteries of life

  • To experience yourself as an infinite soul having a finite, human experience. Therefore, connect to your divine self and feel the peace and love that go along with it.

  • So you know yourself as the fabulous, amazing being that you are and live your life that way!

Don't take it from me, come and experience it. It's all about the experience!

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