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The Shower is more healing than we thought!

You may have heard some talk about negatively charged ions. Those are emitted particals that neutralize positively charged ions (free radicals) that causes illness. For instance, someone in an environment or eating food that discharges free radicals tends to easily become sick and age faster. However, absorbing negative ions improves the immune system, metabolism, and slows down aging! Perhaps this is why more people are buying salt lamps and beeswax candles, eating blueberries, goji berries and the like-they emit negative ions!

But there is something that you already do that is great for your health- you take a shower! Not only does a shower physically wash away dirt from your body but it also cleans you energetically. Running water creates negative ions and netralizes those pesky illness causing particles!

The shower is more healing than we thought!

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